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When the governor stood in the schoolhouse door to block the entrance of negro students to a city school, I asked why. That was because only white children had the priviledge of going to that school. That was a big deal that brought in the President and the National Guard to fix a constitutional crisis. The immediate question then was.. where were any minorities in my school district, or any district in the county? Zero except for in a small company town built for WWII. Basically all minorities in the county lived in those small temp buildings.

A few years later I came upon the plot that trapped them there. I bought a house about five miles north of that village and was confronted with a shocker. The deeds there and in the rest of the county prohibited the sale of that home to any minority. What!

I am an artist of the California coast. I work on what is here that feels like home. The major things around are wildflowers, elk, elephant seals, sometimes parades, some wildfires. I have been a teacher, firefighter, affordable housing fan, editor, art group director, and a student with 19 years in school.

I think my art should speak for itself and not need credentials nor statements about soul and motivation.


(415) 493-8531

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