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Fani has the courage of Martin Luther King Jr.  

Since the fraudulent phone call to Georgia to try and invent votes by the loser Trump, DA Fani Willis has been the target by our good-ol-boys and racists to make her job much more difficult and her safety threatened. I saw these sorts of power-hungry bigots degrade MLK while I was in school. I saw Bull Conner's forces maul peaceful marches, police on the wrong side of the law and history. Martin did not survive the attacks. DA Willis is the same sort of brave human under fire by those same power grubbing bigots in the same neighborhood.

There is real danger here and the whole country needs to rise up and protect our courts and laws. I heard that phone call. The trial could have started the next day, but the posh bunch and prominent ones have a way of injecting delay on us always.

Below are links to sites about Fani Willis. This stuff gets reported just like it is normal these days to attack our public servants and destroy their lives. Where are us good guys to defend peace and America?

Georgia Primary










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